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Welcome Chef Vossenberg to Edgar's Grille!

Edgar's Grille wants to extend a warm welcome to our newest head chef -- Chef Peter Vossenberg!

Chef Peter VossenbergVossenberg hails from Pennsylvania where he began his lifelong love for cooking. His journey began washing dishes in a restaurant back in Wayne, PA, as a temporary summer job during his childhood. Now, 40 years later, he has secured himself as a career culinary professional. His work as a chef has allowed him to travel the world and live in dramatically different climates. He was a cook in the Navy for six years, which included spending two years in the frigid temperatures of Anartica and the warm waters off the Gulf Coast while serving as the cook for an offshore oil rig. Following his service in the Navy, he attended culinary school and received his Hotel Management degree and subsequent Masters degree in culinary.

Along with his love for culinary, Chef Vossenberg also loves educating. This is apparent through his long history in culinary education. Among Chef Vossenberg's many accomplishments include working as a private chef on one of Amway's yachts, thirteen years as an instructor at Le Cordon Bleu in Orlando, FL. After Le Cordon Bleu closed down, he then became director or food and beverage for Westlake Gates Resorts. He loved his time working for Westlake Gates, however his love for teaching led him to Florida Tech., where he spent time as a culinary instructor. 

Destiny brought Vossenberg to Edgar's and we couldn't be more elated! Chef Vossenbrg joined the team at Edgar's after learning about the opening for head chef when his wife became the Director of Education at Helms College Augusta. Having lived and opened a steakhouse in Augusta during the 1990's, he fondly remembered how wonderful the experience was, so accepting the position was a perfect fit. In addition to being the new head chef at Edgar's Grille, Chef Vossenberg is also the Vice President of the American Culinary Federation's Augusta Chapter.

He is looking forward to growing with Goodwill and Edgar's as well as relishing in all the "teachable moments" his career provides in the future!

Please welcome Chef Vossenberg!